What detergent to use on baby clothes

Generally speaking, baby clothes to and adult apart. And baby clothes and adult clothing also have to choose a different liquid detergent, baby skin tender, resistance are low, so they should not only ensure clean laundry, need to be in addition to bacteria, disinfection job.

The liquid detergent used for babies clothes cannot contains phosphate, do not harm the skin, commercial detergent in order to have more strong washing function, often adding surfactants, help lotion, stabilizer and whitening agent, essence and enzyme etc, in order to achieve soluble, clean, soft change, foaming, prevent clothing antistatic etc purpose. Homemade laundry detergent is made with vegetable oil, do not contain chemical ingredients, not hurting hands, give the baby laundry more at ease.

1, will be a small soap chopped do washing powder

2, such as chopped fertilizer dry after it, try and ground into flour, and ground it very small

3, choose a sanitised bottle, join hot water dissolved, waiting for cooling can use.


When clean, use hot water is better, the temperature at 50-60 degrees Celsius advisable; If must use cleaning products, must choose baby designed products, and can’t smell too thick, lest due to excessive balmy agent, damage baby’s skin.