Several Homemade Cleaner Common Sense

Baking soda + alcohol
The small kitchen appliances placed in kitchen are exposed to more oil, many people are going to buy a strong detergent oil spray, and then wipes across it to make it clean. In fact, this spray, it is easy to spray around the kitchen supplies, such as plates and other dishes, they are invisible to the naked eye, if the stomach to eat, it is very terrible. Detergent solution and this has a strong detergency, it bad to the skin. For the hood, stove oil, just use a little baking soda to clean soiled cloth, instantly very clean, and very effort; the plastic shell for small items, you can not scrub vigorously, usable cotton stick alcohol wipe, Very easy to clean.

White vinegar + water clean ceramic tile
To clean ceramic tile is a very headache thing, especially the kitchen tiles stained with oil. Fine cleaning tile is only the cleanest toilet, but Toilet Cleaner irritant, often multi-harmful. Half a cup of white vinegar with a bucket of hot water, wash the tiles, or whether the toilet is clean and fast and also economical.

Water washed rice wash the oil bottles
To clean the oil bottles, we can use water washed rice, and then forced up and down side to side, oil bottles to clean and bright.
Water washed rice is a very good homemade detergent laundry, used to wash dishes, tea cups are very clean, if the cutting boards or utensils with long rusty, you can beimmersed it into the water washed rice for 3 to 5 hours.

Baking soda + vinegar smell
The approach to clean the kitchen sink odor: the baking soda down the sink drain hole round, and then pour white vinegar on baking soda and let stand for about 10 minutes, then slowly into the boiling water to the drainage holes. This method not only instantly remove odor, but also good to clear the drains.

Furniture rub olive oil
Many people in removing dust from furniture, leather is cleaned with a damp cloth with water, in fact, the maintenance of leather products is not good. Olive oil or lemon juice with a soft cloth dipped in wood or leather furniture, you can make them shiny clean. If you are bamboo, then, can be used warm salt water clean.

Soapy water to clean the microwave
Microwave oven with a long time, it will in effect have a thick wall of what is a good way to clean the grease it? The method is: Clean furnace chamber, with a damp cloth can also be used warm soapy water or mild household detergent water cleaning, and then a soft, dry cloth. The microwave oven with a long time, it is inevitable odor that can be used a glass of water plus a few slices of lemon or a few spoons of lemon juice in the furnace heat 5 to 7 minutes, both to get rid of odor, but also to the furnace to soften dry hard dirt easy Clear, and then with a dry cloth to wipe away the dirt can.

Rice wine + orange
Homemade mop the floor cleaning methods. Actually, the most safe and convenient is this: to soak into the rice wine, orange peel, about 10 days to the proportion of blended water of 1:10, and then mop to wipe the floor clean of various materials are very effective.