Quick and easy homemade hand sanitizer

Here are the specific quick and easy homemade hand sanitizermethods:
1, the soap cut into small pieces, or collect the remaining soap head;
2, add simmering water or directly immersed in distilled water after shaking a few days;
3, add a few drops of perfume, essential oils, rose water or a little honey, full mix;
(Here you can add whatever you want to add.)
4, into the suction pressure type hand washing or bathing liquid stand empty house. Make your own liquid soap hand sanitizer, according to family preferences, the use of Safeguard, milk-based soap produced a different effect of cleaning and maintenance, stylish and personalized home “hand sanitizer”, not only increasing the spice of life, but also saves Expenses. Thumb the first large bottles of soap to wash their hands can create a solution.
Notice: homemade hand sanitizer in a relatively short shelf life, it is best to do once two or three months.