How To Make Homemade Soap

Homemade Soap Recipes – Lye, Melt and Pour, Glycerine Soap Making Recipes

Soap was almost every day with our things, but do you know the ingredients of soap? How is it produced? The next I will teach you how to homemade soap.

Whether it is laundry soap, soap, or medicated soap, the main ingredients are sodium stearate which formula is C17H35COONa, differing only add-on components may vary. Manufacture of soap, then common enough on the raw materials: caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), oil, salt. Animal fats, oils and fats can be used (such as lard), vegetable oil can also be used. Making soap with vegetable oil with animal oil production quality than good quality soap.

Here are ways to make soap with lard: the 20 grams of lard, 7 grams of sodium hydroxide and 50 ml of water on the beaker, with an alcohol burner. Side of the heating, while stirring constantly, to make lard and sodium hydroxide sufficient response. As the response is relatively slow, so this relatively long period of time, in the process, the water should be added several times to make up for the loss due to evaporation of water. When you see the reaction mixture is no longer floating on the surface layer of the molten state of the fat (lard), the description of lard and sodium hydroxide has been the basic reaction is complete, you can stop heating. Added to the beaker while hot hot 50 ml saturated salt solution, stir, place cooling, the precipitate from the mixture of sodium stearate.

Finally, the top floating in the solution of solid sodium stearate remove water adsorbed on the solid surface to a solution of clean, dry and shape it to make a piece of soap.