Homemade laundry detergent: the chemical cleaning agents out of the house

In our lives, the most important thing is clean environment, fresh air and feel comfortable, but we could keep our family clean, so we often had to rely on a variety of cleaning agents, which are often cleaner air in our ambush of various “chemical residues” and dangerous to our health. So let’s made with natural green raw materials, cleaning agents, the chemicals out of our home, so we can breathe more freely and healthy.

Green air fresheners made
The role of air fresheners have been released into the air to scare away the family’s smell, but the chemical composition of the air freshener containing a variety of masks smell though, gave the air to add more chemicals to become a health hazard. So not as good as yourself, made a fresh taste, derived environmental air fresheners.
Approach: First, prepare a large orange, cut in half with orange meat, the rest of the “orange bowl” in full of salt, on the corner of the living room or bedroom, the family will be gradually filled with a touch of orange incense.
Second, with the lemon juice, the ratio of 1:10 mixed with distilled water, shake well, then spray to some corner of the room to that is able to play the role of good fresh air.

Homemade glass cleaner
Glass cleaner that filled with various chemical formula, the purpose is to let the dust while cleaning the glass on which contamination is not easy. In fact, the use of certain natural substances or the food industry can achieve a similar purpose, but also greatly reduce the chemical pollution.
Approach: prepare some vinegar to the ratio of 1:8 and water mixture, then add a little bit of soap powder and mix thoroughly, spray the glass after a few minutes, gently wipe with a cloth, you can receive and chemical cleaning agents similar effect.

Homemade cola toilet agent
Toilet agents are mostly used for cleaning acid, it is highly corrosively, and it is very negative to the respiratory tract. In fact, we do have some acidic substances can do the job, such as the endless variety of cola drinks may not carelessly throw away, soaking into the toilet in time, then rinse with water to clean the toilet to achieve a certain purpose.

Homemade strong detergents to oil
Oil is the most difficult to clean up the kitchen diehards. Many cleaning chemicals are the name of “strong to oil,” the selling point. In fact, use baking soda to receive a good decontamination results.
Approach: baking soda watered, and then adding a little white vinegar, spray to the oil, then wipe with a soft boob a little harder, can remove the oil.

Homemade wood floor cleaner
Wood floor cleaning and maintenance are among the major family health events, because it is the home of the “face”, but due to a large floor area, if the chemical detergents will leave a lot of chemical residue, harm is not small.
Approach: Wipe the wood floor with the water washed rice, one can clean the stain, on the other hand also allows the floor and radiant. Stubborn stains can be a little white wine and vinegar to remove.