Home cleaning with spices, ingredients

Pungent smell of chemical cleaning agents, all-pervasive, injured hand damage the health. Do not have safer and healthier cleaning methods to clean the house? In fact, the spices, the ingredients can come in handy, instead of chemical cleaning agents, safety and environmental protection and easy to use!

Potato peel
1, 30 seconds to shake out the bottom of the cup holding the dirt. Narrow-mouth deep belly of the mug has a headache clean hard brush clean stubborn stains positive bottom of the cup of tea scale. If the 4-5 into the insulation cup potato with skin, tighten the cap, shaking up and down for 30 seconds this annoying cleaning Work smoothly when you are cooking in the kitchen to do.

2, taking advantage of the skin just peeled off the potato and fresh water, in the mirror, wipe the counter, ceramic, glass surface of the water damage, lotion stains, etc, disappeared an instant, with those valuable cleaning agents than, using the potato peel waste to reach the goal you dream of but more easily.

3, To remove oil on the sink. Stainless steel sink and appears likely because the fine mist of oil, after washing bowl, with potato skin in the side to wipe the sink, easily restore smooth as the new shiny effects.

4. Eliminate scale without scent. Kettle with a long time, the footer and the pot wall will beintegrated under the scale, affecting water quality. You cut down into the kettle boiled potato peel 1 hour, water bottles in the scale to clear out, compared with white vinegar to remove scale, neither vessel injury, but also difficult to wash the vinegar will not leave.

Baking soda
1, To deal with gas stoves intractable grease. Just sprinkle baking soda on the stove, wipe with a damp cloth.

2, if you sprinkle baking soda in first, grill fish on the bottom of the iron plate, can absorb flavor, roasted for food, the use of baking soda sprinkled on top of cleaning can be. In the charred pot (the pot is not suitable for aluminum, will change), into the water and 2 tsp baking soda, boiled off the fire, and soon, focal scar will float, the remaining light as long as the brush Brush lightly a couple of buttons.

3, if 500 ml of water and 60 grams of baking soda, soda water made to hand to do the cleaning work. Dry with a cloth dampened as long as the screw, you can wipe the gas stoves, ovens, faucets, hot water bottle and other dirt, do not forget, the last use of waterand then wipe again.

4, the baking soda on the container, the lid open, put in the refrigerator or shoe, with adeodorizing effect, the shoes with a wrap on the inside, to deodorant.

First strong point of the liquid boiled onion, then brush, brush clean the range hood gas furnace, dried, you can use as usual, until the next time to clean, simply The “onion film ” take off and throw it away just fine.

To 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 200 ml of warm water, then pour over the cutting board has been laid on the kitchen towel, for 15 minutes, black cutting board will remove dirt and odor, as well as sterilization. If the mixture with a sponge dipped in a liquid, cleaning stainless steel countertops, can reproduce the original luster.

To deal with a kettle and the pot (other than aluminum) in the black dirt adhesion can be one or two his way through the lemon, sliced on the pot, turn on the water to a place over shadowed the black dirt, and then simmer for 15 minutes Can remove the black dirt.

5 lemon or orange with skin, into 1 liter of water boil, let cool, damp cloth, wipe the gas furnace, you can also remove dirt and aging.

Stick a small amount of salt with your fingers, gently rub on the ground attached to the cup of tea scale, you can easily clear the tea scale.

Pour a small amount of flour in the greasy pan, gently scrape paper, so, flour will absorb the grease, the last water rinse.