Free Laundry Detergent – Turn Kitchen Oil To Soap

New Discovery – hood discharge of oil has magical kitchen exhaust hood Every other week a lot of oil, long life and will plug into the sewers, into the trash and pollute the environment. How to do it? Turn it into soap! Specifically, the following: oil accumulated in these normal, until a certain amount of time to be made soap.

For appliances: stainless steel cup, stainless steel spoon (be careful not to use aluminum utensils), latex gloves, mold (washed with milk cartons can be discarded)

Raw materials: oil fumes
Sodium hydroxide (chemical store to sell, I buy a 500g bottle of home-the-box, note that the reach of children usually the place)
Water (ordinary tap water)
10% alcohol (I use white wine watered down 65 degrees at home, about 1:3 ratio)
Proportion of raw materials ready for the water (ml): alcohol (ml): Oil (g): NaOH (g) = 1:1:5:0.6

How-to: Wear gloves, water poured into the stainless steel cup — — — sodium hydroxide into the stainless steel spoon stirring for 5 minutes (the sodium hydroxide completely dissolved in water) — and then pour the oil side edge Stir for 10 minutes stirring — — — stir 5 minutes into the alcohol into the mold shape — — cut out the soap, after three days — a month after release ventilation can be used by.

I have been using homemade soap to wash cloth, rag never greasy. Almost run out of soap, the oil product was almost, so that the provincial environmental protection and clean and fine.